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Adding Text Comments

Once you start to work with a scene, there will be things that pop up for you that, in the real world, you might jot down in the margin of your script. Rehearsal calls those Comments, and gives you 4 powerful ways to “mark up” or Comment, your script. To add a Comment to a particular line in a script, just double tap near the line to bring up the Comment menu. Your Comment will be placed on your script right where you double tapped when you’re finished. Here are the different Comments you can place on your script:

Text Comments

Use this like you’d use a pencil to jot down notes on the margins of a paper script. Character attributes, motivations, what you want, attitudes, whatever you’d write, you can leave as a Text Comment.

Audio Comments

Suppose you want to leave a note for yourself, and you’d rather speak it than peck it out on your device’s keyboard. Maybe a line read or an alternate to what you recorded – that’s how you might use an Audio Comment.

Photo Comments

If you’ve ever wished you could capture that look you gave yourself in the mirror while rehearsing, then Photo Comments are for you. And Photo Comments are also great for makeup artists and wardrobe personnel who want to take continuity photos or do studies – just place the Photo Comment right by the line or beginning of the scene you want to remember.

Video Comments

If you have a device that records video (like an iPhone 3GS) then you can take Photo Comments one step further, allowing you do read a line and deliver it to your device’s camera in the way you’d like to deliver it to the camera on set. You can take video of how you want to move, how you want to set yourself – even how you want to react to other characters. And for location scouts, directors, set designers and dressers, you can take Rehearsal with you and do preliminary studies of how you see your script being produced – a location scout can comment as he videos a picturesque diner, showing the old time cash register, the swivel seats and the jukebox, and the director can actually make some decisions on her shots, using the iPhone to swoop in, establish, push through a doorway or zoom in for a closeup.

Once you’ve made comments, they are all saved for you, not only in the scene, but on your iPhone or iPod Touch – you can copy and paste the text from Text Comments into email, Notes or a word processor, and Photo and Video Comments are automatically added to your Camera Roll, so you can share them with others and use them in other projects.

Tips and Techniques for Great Scenes

  • As you’re recording, say the name of the character as well as the line. It will help you keep the characters straight, and give you a quick head’s up as you’re learning your lines that it’s your line to say.
  • Feel free to record new versions of the scene and start rehearsing with that version. It’s what you’d do in real life anyway.
  • As you discover new ways to deliver a line, add a Video Comment to that line. You can record several to give yourself alternate choices.

We’d love to hear from you with any tips, techniques, questions or comments in the discussion area of the website dedicated to Rehearsal – it’s at – and it’s also available on the main menu of the app – just tap on the Discuss button.

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  1. Comment by Edward saint pe' — January 2, 2011 @ 6:49 am

    Can u drop in video and send as a video audition?

  2. Comment by David H. Lawrence XVII — January 2, 2011 @ 8:05 am

    You wouldn’t need Rehearsal to send a video audition – but, since any photo or video comment that you place on your script is automatically placed in your Camera Roll, you can send that comment by accessing it in the Camera Roll, tapping it to bring up the action sheet overlay, and depending upon the length of the video, sending it to a recipient from the Camera Roll itself. If it’s too long to send, it will ask you to trim it – but that’s not Rehearsal, that’s your iPhone 3GS’s or iPhone 4’s functionality.

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