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Adding Beat Markers

If you prefer breaking your script down into beats, especially in some of the longer passages, Rehearsal has a tool that will make your life easy. If you’ve never broken down your script into beats, or you don’t know what beats are, here’s a quick overview: beats are sections of your script that constitute a complete thought, but are separate from other complete thoughts in a line or series of lines. An example might be a line that begins very angry, but your character says something that completely changes his/her tone – the moment that happens, it’s a new beat. Some people create beats on a finer or more general level, but either way, marking beats with a stroke (/) is a snap.

Tap on My Scripts to bring up the script you want to add beats to. Rotate your screen to your desired orientation: portrait or landscape. Pinch the image on the screen to zoom in on the lines, so you can see them clearly. Say we want to make a beat mark to separate Puck’s 2nd line. Tap and hold near “lead them” until a magnifying glass appears with a stroke in it:

Move your finger to fine tune where you are on the page, and release. The beat mark remains:

If you decide you want to move a beat mark, delete one you’ve made and create a new one where you want it. To delete a beat mark, tap and hold until a new beat mark/magnifying lens appears, move it toward the beat mark you want to delete, then release when you have the red X showing. Then, place a new one where you want it.

When you’re finished, it’s time to scroll back up to the top of the scene, and record it. That’s a snap.

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